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Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis [Review]
Evil Dark (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation #2) by Justin Gustainis
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 30, 2014

Occult Crimes Unit Investigation
1. Hard Spell
2. Evil Dark - Paperback | Kindle
3. Known Devil

Justin Gustainis
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
My name's Markowski. I carry a badge. Also, a crucifix, some wooden stakes, a big vial of holy water, and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.

A series of seemingly motiveless murders of supernatural creatures points to a vigilante targeting the supe community. Markowski wouldn't normally have much of a problem with that, but his daughter may be next on the killer's list...

File Under: Urban Fantasy [ Unnatural Law | Thicker Than Water | The Bite Stuff | Duty Calls ]
Thoughts on Evil Dark: These books are the seriously gritty, unapologetically bloody side of urban fantasy. Things are dark in Scranton and Markowski's right in the middle of the action. Whether he wants to be or not.

Frankly, I like the dark, the grit, and the blood. It makes for a mighty fine story.

The thing I like about Markowski is that while he's fair and levelheaded when he's needed, he's not without a few hangups about the various supernaturals he comes across. He's dealing up close and personal with vampires on a daily basis (his daughter and partner) and sometimes he says the wrong thing. But he's trying. And I can appreciate that.

Beyond the mystery of who's killing supernaturals and who's crazy enough to summon demons, there's plenty of groundwork being laid for what's coming in future books. Someone's looking to make waves and Markowski's going to have his work cut out for him stopping them.

But before he does that, he needs to ferret out the bad guys, battle a demon or two, and call in a favor. All in a day's work for those who make their living investigation supernatural crimes.

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