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All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter [Review]
All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter
Format: ebook
Source: provided for an honest review as part of the Fated Mates bundle
Date read: March 14, 2014

Adriana Hunter
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When a dead, naked body is found frozen in the snow, recently promoted Detective Serena Daniels is assigned to the case. Determined to be taken seriously, she sets to work unraveling the mystery, one suspect at a time.

Brody Sullivan is a man with many secrets and he also just happens to be Madison County's newest citizen. So when he ends up on the list of potential suspects, it is Serena's job to clear his name. There's just one problem: Serena's felt an undeniable attraction to Brody that ignited from the moment they first met, and if she's not careful she may lose more than her job, she may lose her heart to the man who is willing to break every one of her rules.
Thoughts on All American Wolf: Overall, I liked this book. However, it did have a couple of interactions in it that bordered on rape and those weren't my favorite. On one hand, I was uncomfortable. On the other, what Serena went through WAS uncomfortable, especially as she came to understand what had happened and why she'd acted the way she acted, so that worked.

Still, rapey scenes aren't really my cup of tea.

BUT... hot werewolves who woo their lady friends with long looks and by saving their frozen booty ARE my cup of tea. So, yay!

I did like the mystery. Serena had to sort through a lot of unbelievable information to get to the truth and she handled it like a champ. Between the weirdness of this case and her attraction to both the main suspect and someone who was flat out telling her werewolves were real, she could have easily checked out mentally. Instead she follows her gut and works through what she knows to be true to find justice.

Not going to lie, the hot sex probably jump started her brain somehow. Because hot werewolf action ALWAYS helps.

Enjoyable for the most part. While I wasn't a huge fan of some of what Serena went through, I can appreciate how it worked with the story.

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