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Laura's Wolf by Lia Silver [Review]
Laura's Wolf (Werewolf Marines #1) by Lia Silver
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 13, 2014

Werewolf Marines
1. Laura's Wolf - Kindle

Lia Silver
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Roy Farrell is convinced that he has no future.

Roy never wanted to be anything but a Marine. But on his last tour of duty, he was bitten by a werewolf. Next thing he knew, he was locked up in a secret underground laboratory. Despite the agony caused by his newly enhanced senses, he managed to escape his captors. Unable to return to the Marines, his entire life shattered, he hid out in the woods of Yosemite.

Laura Kaplan is desperate to escape her past.

Curvy bank teller Laura was acclaimed as a hero for her courage during a bank robbery gone violently wrong. Overcome with guilt over the people she couldn't save, she fled the city to seek solace in a lonely cabin in Yosemite. But she can't run forever from the dark secrets of her past.

Can two broken people heal each other?

After Roy is badly wounded saving Laura from a mysterious enemy, they take refuge together in her snowed-in cabin. Forced to depend on each other for their very survival, they must come together to save their lives, face their fears, and find their hearts.
Thoughts on Laura's Wolf: First off, I really, really like how the mythology/world building for the werewolves has been laid out here. Pack bonds, abilities beyond the norm, and bitten/born wolf differences. It all worked for me.

And both Roy and Laura dealing with their issues-- namely PTSD -- was strangely beautiful. Roy's abilities as a wolf put added stress on him. His inability to cope with the electronic world around him was brutal. Dealing with that and waking up as a lab rat on top of the combat stress he'd already been experiencing as a marine in a combat zone nearly broke him. With no pack to bond to and no one to turn to for explanations on how to control his abilities, he's a mess when Laura first encounters him.

On the other hand, she's not much better. Watching someone die in front of you is bad enough, but to have played a part in that death, however peripherally, rattles Laura. She's running from herself as much as the events that played out.

And when those two wounded souls find each other, good stuff happens. Not right away, mind you, but it does happen.

Lest you think otherwise, there's more to this book than just romance and issues. Roy and Laura are thrust into a tense situation with a bad man, have to engage in some thrilling heroics, and figure out everything that comes part and parcel with being a bitten wolf.

Good stuff, man. Good stuff.

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