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Prisoner by Lia Silver [Review]

Prisoner by Lia Silver
Prisoner (Echo's Wolf #1, Werewolf Marines #2) by Lia Silver
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 9, 2014

Werewolf Marines
1. Laura's Wolf
2. Prisoner (Echo's Wolf #1) - Kindle
3. Partner (Echo's Wolf #2)
4. Packmate (Echo's Wolf #3)

Lia Silver
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Echo was created to be a weapon.

Echo was born when a secret laboratory tried to genetically engineer the perfect assassin. Two clones survived: Echo, the success, and Charlie, the failure. Stronger and faster than any normal human, Echo knows no life but killing, and has never loved or been loved by anyone but her frail sister. But that’s about to change…

DJ Torres made himself into a Marine.

DJ was born a werewolf. But he grew up to be a rebel, and left his pack to join the Marines. When his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and his best friend lay dying in his arms, DJ bit him to save his life. Revealed as a shifter, DJ is imprisoned in the lab and subjected to mind games and experiments. But the lab rat is about to bite back…

Can two misfit people fit together?

Echo was engineered to surpass the limits of the human body, but she doesn’t know how to relate to other human beings. No one thought DJ could make it as a Marine, but he doesn’t know when to quit. When they’re forced to partner up, will they betray each other as their only chance to escape? Or will they risk everything on a love that crosses the battle lines?
Thoughts on Prisoner: I am STILL loving the worldbuilding going on with this series. Bitten vs born wolves and pack bonds. *swoon* It rocks my socks off. In a BIG way.

This book lets us see what happened to DJ after he and Roy were separated in book 1. We get a feel for the anguish and guilt DJ felt at having to leave Roy behind. While DJ has his wolf side well under control (being a born wolf definitely helps with that, I think), he has some other issues that make him a less than ideal prisoner. And he is a prisoner. The facility he finds himself in isn't one he would choose to stay at if it wasn't for the threats against his best friend.

On the other hand, seeing as how Echo has captured his (and his wolf's) attention, maybe he would voluntarily stay if his bud wasn't being threatened.

Speaking of Echo, she's an interesting lady. If not for her sister, she'd be completely apart from those around her. Her abilities give her an edge most others at the facility lack. She's deadly and determined not to form any attachments other than to her sister. DJ is a punch to the gut for her. That his strength matches hers and he's not quite like anyone else intrigues her.

Heh. Those two. So determined to try to keep their distance, so taken unaware by those pesky emotions.

I'm really enjoying this series as a whole and can't wait to see what's in store for DJ and Echo in the next installment. *thumbs up*

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