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Wings of Redemption by Sarah Gilman [Review]

Wings of Redemption by Sarah Gilman
Wings of Redemption (Return to Sanctuary #0.5) by Sarah Gilman
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 06/04/14
Date read: June 4, 2014

Return to Sanctuary
0.5. Wings of RedemptionKindle
1. Out in Blue
2. Deep in Crimson

Sarah Gilman
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Humans and archangels don’t mix on the best occasions. When Saffron Morin goes to the gates of the demon colony, Eden, in search of her sister, she meets an archangel who is curious one minute and hostile the next, and she ends up the colony’s “guest” against her will.

Kestrel’s archangel psychic talent tells him the human woman’s life is in danger. Despite her family’s association with poachers who hunt archangels for their valuable feathers, he vows to save her life. Enemies by birth, lovers by choice, they give in to growing attraction as days pass.

Even if he succeeds in saving her life, he must hurt her to protect others of his kind, and he may not be able to live with himself after a betrayal he has no choice but to commit. In order to find redemption, the Collector’s daughter and an archangel must first find each other.
Thoughts on Wings of Redemption: Well, it's been a while since I read book 1 in this series and I'm all over jumping back into the series after reading this novella. Angels! Demons! More demons! BAD THINGS HAPPENING! *flutters a bit* All things I enjoy, as it turns out!

So. Kes and Saffron don't seem like they're the ideal couple on paper. He's a grumpy angel who's begun distancing himself from those around him. She's the daughter of a notorious collector who hunts the archangels for their feathers. Yet... YET, they worked. Maybe because I find watching grumpy, irascible men fall under the spell of the person they're meant to be with.

A nice introduction to the world of Sanctuary for those who haven't read any of the other books or a nice reintroduction for those of us that have. I'm usually a demon girl, but I have to admit these angels have grown on me.

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