Friday, October 3, 2014

In From the Cold by Taryn Kincaid [Review]

In From the Cold by Taryn Kincaid
In From the Cold (Sleepy Hollow #5) by Taryn Kincaid
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: June 14, 2014

Sleepy Hollow
1. Lightning
2. Thunder
3. Frost
4. Heat Wave
5. In From the Cold - Kindle
Blizzard (non-paranormal but makes mention of Sleepy Hollow)

Taryn Kincaid
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Spook Raines is a burnt-out spy who doesn’t know he’s a fire demon with a hot-as-sin twin in Sleepy Hollow.

Geneviève Mortimer is a will o' the wisp who hunts demons to ease the pain of her troubled past.

When Madame Eve brings them together for a torrid 1Night Stand, will they be able to come in from the cold at last?
Thoughts on In From the Cold: Another sexy read set in the world of Sleepy Hollow where the fire-sex demons are smokin' and their lady friends like the heat. Literally, in some cases.

Spook and Genny have some issues to work around before they can do the relationship thing. Spook doesn't know who he is and Genny is denying she's the very thing she hunts. Of the two, Spook's story got to me hard. He's completely cut off from his demon side and has no idea he's not alone in the world. I'd imagine that going through breedspawn when you don't know what that is or what to expect would be awful.

No worries, folks! Madame Eve steps in and hooks these two lost souls up. Yep, they steam up the sheets something fierce. We get answers to the Raines boys past and... did I mention the sex? Because fire-sex demons can BRING IT. Often. And with lots of dedication.

Who doesn't like demons dedicated to hardcore pleasure? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO!


  1. Fire-sex demons ? I've never read about that (yet !)