Thursday, November 6, 2014

Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology [Review]

Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology
Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: July 30, 2014

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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Darknest Fantasy Erotica presents a collection from seven erotic authors sure to push you to the limits of your psyche.

In the darkest corners of your fantasies, these stories lurk. Waiting to tease and please, these shorts are darkly erotic, and will make you lust for orcs, shifters, demons and more!

Hunted by the Beast by Cerys du Lys: When the beast-cursed man of legends comes for her, desiring her as his mate, can Danya tame his savage ways and show him love, or will she unwittingly become some plaything for a monster, existing solely for his pleasure?

Too Perfect by J.M. Keep: In the future, women are a commodity to be traded and programmed for a single purpose. Andrea has been scientifically modified to be the perfect woman, but when she's gifted to a young man by his father, he recognizes her: His unrequited crush.

A Heaven of Hell by A. Vivian Vane: Can a holy angel of Heaven tempt one of Lucifer's fallen back to righteousness? Even if it were possible, hot and heavy pegging probably wouldn't be the way to go about it...but that won't stop one angelic beauty from trying in this sinful short!

A Different Prince Charming by Maria N. Lang: A collision between a victorious elven general and a human princess whose father has just lost a battle – and with it, her innocence.

The Master by Kaye Skellington: When one visits the Orc General's court, all eyes are on the delicate elven face of his wife. They search her expression keenly, but do they know her? Does anyone?

The Dressmaker's Doll by Leona D. Reish: Fresh out of college, the opportunity to work under the reclusive bachelor – mysterious and renowned tailor Julian Landon – in his secluded villa felt like a fairy tale for young Amy. As the days pass, Amy is reminded that those fairy tales were once much darker things, as circumstance see her fall helplessly into a world of darker passion and submission to the man training her in far more powerful and sensual ways than she could have ever imagined.

The Backwater Look by P.B. Tae: It’s 1925 and Charles and Rebecca are midway through their honeymoon tour of New England. Unfortunately for the two newlyweds, they didn’t count on the local residents and their dark, twisted secrets. Not to mention the things that lurk in the night and skulk out of the ocean depths to visit the world above. Charles and Rebecca are certainly due to discover exactly what the backwater look really is.
**These stories are dark erotica and contain graphic violence, strong sexual content and explicit language and are meant for adults.**
Thoughts on Darknest: A lot dark, a lot sexy, and very intriguing. Not for the faint of heart.

Hunted by the Beast by Cerys du Lys - I liked this one. Dark, sexy, and with a heroine who isn't ashamed of using sex to get what she wants. Or needs. She's just not ashamed of sex. I like that in characters. I like that a lot.

Too Perfect by J.M. Keep - A wonderfully creepy, dark look at love and engineered lust in the future. I liked the divide between Andrea's and Rick's thoughts as their tryst progresses. She's bent on serving, he's looking for the bright girl he once knew.

A Heaven of Hell by A. Vivian Vane -Whoa. Holy hot angels, Batman. I'm totally down with this dirty, sexy, smoldering tale of one angel trying to bring a Fallen back into the fold.

A Different Prince Charming by Maria N. Lang - An unexpected twist left me LIKING this one. Submission and dominance, victor and victim are explored, yet it's that twist that had me reading feverishly to the end. LIKE.

The Master by Kaye Skellington - Aww. The Orc General is unexpectedly romantic. He loves his slave wife and listens when she advises him. I like that in an Orc.

The Dressmaker's Doll by Leona D. Reish -Dark, dark story of love and ... err, other creepy things. Gonna be honest, I did like the darkness. It was just the right amount of creepy and sexy.

The Backwater Look by P.B. Tae - The thing I took from this story is to never stop in a rundown town or you might lose yourself to the locals. And the thing the locals worship. A dark, creepy, sexy good time.


  1. I'm not totally attracted by the dark, but your quick reviews gave me an interesting insight - added this anthology to my wish-list, thanks for sharing !

    1. Not going to lie, they are dark. Some of them are downright creepy. (which I like. So be warned.)