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House of Payne: Payne by Stacy Gail [Review]

House of Payne: Payne by Stacy Gail
House of Payne: Payne (House of Payne #1) by Stacy Gail
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: October 25, 2014

House of Payne
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3. Twist
4. Rude
5. Steele
6. Max
7. Tag
8. Ice

Stacy Gail
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Life is supposedly what you make of it, but that's crap as far as 3D artist, Becks Delgado is concerned. She never wanted her brother to die in a car accident... or to be the one who was behind the wheel. Her external scars are nothing compared to the raw wounds inside, and there are times when death seems to be the only way to find peace.

Sebastian Payne took the concept of a tattoo parlor and transformed it into a sophisticated gallery of living art. House Of Payne now caters to the rich and infamous, has garnered a worldwide following and is run by Payne with an iron fist. He knows Becks is exactly what House Of Payne needs, but there's a problem. The accident that changed her life left its mark on him as well, and whether he likes it or not, it's time for Payne to put his House in order.
Thoughts on House of Payne: Payne: Sometimes when I'm reading a Stacy Gail book, I have to put the book down and give my heart a breather. BECAUSE IT HURTS, GUYS. It hurts what she puts her poor characters through. It hurts to read about their loneliness and heartache. IT HURTS SO GOOD! *cries like a bitty baby*

This book didn't pull any punches. Becks is floundering in an emotional wasteland. She's alone except for a small (SMALL) handful of friends and she doesn't feel like she deserves happiness. Her family's actions were painful and heart wrenching to read about. Her self doubt over being worthy of a man like Payne killed me. Her refusal to see a future for them huuuuurt.

She'd been so shattered by her brother's death and her family's betrayal she couldn't bear to even face the possibility of a relationship because it might be yanked away.

*cries some more*

And Payne. He's arrogant, cocky, and driven. He wants Becks on both a personal and professional level and he's ruthless about pursuing her. Not going to lie, I liked the guy. As his side of the story unfolds and we see why and how he's intertwined with her life, his intensity made sense. Also, he's kinda smokin'. And the sex? HAWT.

So, yeah. Stacy Gail can make even the hardest heart weep (given that she makes me cry with all her books, I'm no longer a hard-hearted reviewer but a mushy, damp fangirl) and I wouldn't have ti any other way.

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