Friday, February 13, 2015

Kissed by Temptation by Deanna Chase [Review]

Kissed by Temptation (Coven Pointe #2) by Deanna Chase
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 17, 2014

Coven Pointe
1. Marked by Temptation
2. Kissed by Temptation

Deanna Chase
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The last place sex-witch Mati Ballintine wants to be is at a holiday sorority party. But when the high angel from the council orders her to protect a new angel recruit, she has no choice but to go and grit her teeth through the frat boys’ advances.

The night turns from bad to worse when a demon appears and is hell-bent on taking the angel to Hell. Mati and her incubus boyfriend Vaughn will need to combine forces to not only save the angel, but everyone else the demon leaves in his wake.
Thoughts on Kissed by Temptation: I admittedly have a soft spot for witches who get juiced up by sharing sexual energy. *gratuitous fist pump for women who own their sexuality* When the sex witch's boyfriend is an incubus who is more than happy to oblige her need for nookie, I'm even more on board. Sexy couples are sexy, okay?!?

This time around, Mati has to sit through an excruciating sorority party to keep her charge safe. Throw in some voracious frat boys looking for some action, Mati without her honey on hand, and one demon who REALLY wants a piece of her charge and Mati has her hands full.

I'm mighty tempted to read the original series this is spun off from (yes, Rebel Kelly not only fights against the Empire, she also reads books out of order AND jumps willy-nilly into new series without reading the original series first. Rebel Kelly is aptly named.) so I can see what shenanigans Jade Calhoun gets into. Because this series? Is fun and I wouldn't mind reading more set in this world.