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Faith by Emme Wesson [Review]

 Faith by Emme Wesson
Faith (Children of the Hunt #2) by Emme Wesson
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 19, 2015

Children of the Hunt
Sylvie Monroe
1. Hunt
2. Faith - Kindle

Emme Wesson
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Bodhi Cooper finally has everything a wolf could want. Cory Flynn, the girlfriend who challenges him and keeps him coming back for more. A new home where he can spend his nights chasing small game by the river. The family he never knew he had and a Pack to belong to when he’s finally ready. But a decision to play cat and mouse with the police officer Cory used to date could jeopardize everything he’s worked so hard to gain.
Thoughts on Faith: It's been a while since I've played in this particular world and I had fun finding my groove with these wolves and the Daughters and the way the two intertwine. The wolfy dominance games didn't hurt, either. Just sayin'.

So. Bodhi and Cory. One of my issues with book 1 revolved around secrets and how easily a lot of their problems could have been resolved if Cory had just opened up a little. Well, we got to see a few of the reasons why she's not an open book. She has trust issues stemming from her relationship with Bodhi's brother (for the record, the brothers thing isn't nearly as creepy as it sounds. She was with Rene. They had a few issues. Bodhi came into her life after Rene was killed and they had chemistry. Good chemistry. Naturally they decided to explore that. As one does.). I was glad when Bodhi got angry at Rene for leaving Cory so guarded. Sure, Rene can't really respond, being dead and all, but the anger was needed.

Meanwhile, Bodhi does play with fire when he starts playing with Cory's ex. The potential for badness there was off the charts. But I get why he did it. He needed the thrill of out-foxing his opponent. He needed to push to show the other man Cory wasn't his for the taking. As a wolf with wolf instincts, that made sense.

Still, the potential for badness -- whether physical or the emotional fallout once Cory learned what he'd done -- could have derailed any chance of a future with Cory.

Watching it all come together was painfully delicious.

Bottom line: The buildup to a solid relationship between Bodhi and Cory was fun to watch, the cat and mouse games with Cory's ex could have been disastrous, and the sex was smokin'. Just the way I like it.

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