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Partner by Lia Silver [Review]

 Partner by Lia Silver
Partner (Echo's Wolf #2, Werewolf Marines #3) by Lia Silver
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 15, 2015

Werewolf Marines
1. Laura's Wolf
2. Prisoner (Echo's Wolf #1)
3. Partner (Echo's Wolf #2) - Kindle
4. Packmate (Echo's Wolf #3)

Lia Silver
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Echo has devoted her life to protecting her sister.

In all her years as a genetically engineered assassin, Echo never met anyone like DJ Torres before. The captured werewolf Marine offered her trust, friendship, love, and the hope of freedom— not only for herself, but for the frail clone-sister she won’t leave behind. But will Echo’s dark secret destroy their hopes for the future?

DJ Torres would give his life to save his buddy.

DJ has spent his life accomplishing the impossible. But now he’s faced with a dilemma that threatens to crush even his bright spirit. DJ can’t rescue his captured buddy without fleeing the lab. Echo can’t flee the lab without abandoning her hostage sister. Will DJ be forced to choose between his best friend and the woman he loves?

Will love keep them together or tear them apart?

Still held captive by the shady government agency running Wildfire Base, DJ and Echo are forced to go on a series of missions, from undercover escapades at an excruciatingly elegant diplomatic party to a desperate battle in a terrorist compound. Their relationship grows stronger under fire… until they are confronted with a terrible choice.
Thoughts on Partner: This series is SERIOUSLY good. Like, WHOA good. Like, I want to go back and reread book 1 now because OMG! THESE GUYS! Plus, the first two books in DJ and Echo's story runs parallel with book 1 and Roy's forced incarceration at the hands of the doctors makes my face sad and I want to get all growly at them again.

But this book is about DJ and Echo. And Charlie. But mostly DJ and Echo. They're both in tough situations. DJ is stuck helping his captors because they're holding Roy's well-being over his head. If he does as he's told, Roy doesn't get hurt. If he balks, bad things happen to his best friend. Given how DJ feels responsible for Roy because he turned him (not to mention the best friend thing), DJ toes the line.

Then there's Echo. Charlie is her weak point. She does what she's told because to not do it means Charlie will be hurt. Charlie's medical issues mean they can't just stage a jail break and make a run for it. It's very complicated and tangled and Echo is doing the best she can.

But...BUT these guys are resourceful. They follow instructions, but they're always looking for a way out. At least DJ is. And when things start to come together, they have to make some big decisions.

Also, DJ and Echo are freaking cute together. She might be a genetically modified assassin and he's a hyperactive werewolf with super strength, but they're adorably perfect for one another.

We have one more book to go with this couple. I am very curious to see where their story goes.

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