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Valentine's Heat 1 Anthology [Review]

 Valentine's Heat 1
Valentine's Heat 1 Anthology
Format: ebook
Source: provided for an honest review
Date read: March 14, 2015

Synopsis (Goodreads):
“Heart’s Pride” by Ally Shields
The Guardian Witch Series

When their wedding is ruined by a werepanther attack, Katrina is left hospitalized and Blane is just...gone. But when he finally finds his way back to Riverdale, he learns he’s not the only one who’s been tracking Katrina...

“Lost Soul, Lost Love” by Nessie Strange
The Living Dead World Series

It’s Jen MacLellan’s first trip back to earth as a new reaper, and Mardi Gras is in full swing. When she happens upon Chip, a partier stuck in a perpetual 1983, Jen decides to help him find the woman he loves so he can move on. Assuming all goes well when he finds her...

“Red Dogs” by Keith Melton
The Zero Dog Mission Series

Mercenary pyromancer Andrea Walker has just saved the world from bloodthirsty hagworms and is late for her Valentine’s date with Jake. Until she hears that Jake has already left her house...with her...

“V-Day” by CL Bledsoe
The Necro-Files Series

Daisy and her friends think going to a frat party on Valentine’s Day will be a fun, not-at-all-desperate Girls Night Out. What they don’t expect is to have Delilah’s succubus pheromones accidentally set off the apocalypse...
Thoughts on Valentine's Heat 1: It's hard not to love a set of stories all about how Valentines can go ALL WRONG!

Heart's Pride: My first time with this series and it was fun! Danger, shapeshifting felines, and some kick-ass moves by ladies who take a chance when it's handed to them. Or they make a chance and then kick some ass. EITHER WAY! Blane and Katrina don't have any easy time connecting, but something good does come out of it (GIRL POWER!) so I guess they can't complain too much.

Lost Soul, Lost Love: Another new-to-me series that was fun! (I'm starting to sense a theme here with the fun!) I like Jen well enough, but it was Sam and his carefree attitude that grabbed me. I may be reading too much into him (doubtful), but he seems to have a secret or two hidden under all his jokes. Consider me intrigued!

Red Dogs: This is the one series out of this set that I'm familiar with. AND I LOVE IT! Why? you ask. I'm not saying Rafe the nudist werewolf has anything to do with it, BUT RAFE THE NUDIST WEREWOLF MAKES ME LAUGH SO DAMN HARD WHAT WITH THE FLEXING AND POSING AND ALL! HA! Okay, okay. It wasn't all naked werewolves. We also got flames and blood and nearly certain death and one merc leader waltzing into a swanky restaurant after coming straight from battling hagworms.


V-Day: Heh! Another new series, but the impromptu pheromone orgy had me hooked. Because who doesn't like when a succubus loses all control and just goes hog-wild with her love-smell? Even better... when said lady is able to enact some revenge on the perpetrators of said pheromone orgy. I think I'm going to like Daisy and her wacky friends.

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