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Acting on Impulse by Ashleigh Raine [Review]

 Acting on Impulse by Ashleigh Raine
Acting on Impulse (Hollywood Heat #1) by Ashleigh Raine
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 28, 2015

Hollywood Heat
1. Acting on ImpulseKindle
2. Driven to Distraction
3. Starstruck

Ashleigh Raine
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sometimes fantasies do come true.

Single mom and owner of a bakery, Samantha Layton is far removed from the Hollywood lifestyle. When her best friend makes Sam her plus one at a bigwig producer’s exclusive party, she begrudgingly decides to attend, figuring at the very least she can make some valuable new business connections. The last thing she expects is to find someone worth connecting with in a very non-businesslike way.

Oscar-nominated actor Connor Clarey is tired of the starlets and divas who populate the entertainment industry. While escaping the party his agent forced him to attend, he stumbles across a curvy beauty alone in the private backyard. In the short, erotic time he shares with Sam, his desire evolves from want, to need, to have, to keep before she pulls a Cinderella and leaves him behind, desperately wanting more.

Sam thinks her quick Hollywood fantasy of laughing, lusting and loving with Connor is nothing but a slightly bittersweet, naughty and fun memory, until Hollywood reality kicks in. Their one-night stand becomes memorable in ways neither of them anticipated, giving Sam and Connor the chance to act on impulse with each other over and over again.

Warning, this book contains a hero and a heroine who like to fantasize…and then make those fantasies come true. Public sex under the night sky, silk-tie-and-blindfold sex on a soft bed and desperate sex on the floor as soon as they can rip each other’s clothes off.
Thoughts on Acting on Impulse: This is a very fast-paced story. Meaning Sam and Connor meet and get physical quickly (which I can totally get behind). Then Sam pulls a Cinderella and disappears on him. Only, their secret garden tryst doesn't end up being so secret and soon Sam's being hounded by paparazzi looking for a good story. This (quite naturally) brings Connor back into her life. And that where things get a little sticky.

You see, while I find garden hook-ups after a few minutes of conversation believable, I had a tougher time with the two of them falling all over one another as soon as they meet again. While it *could* happen that quickly, it didn't feel like either of them knew the other well enough to declare their "I love you"s.

Basically, I appreciated the one night stand aspect and I would have been down with them deciding to forge forward with getting to know one another, but I couldn't quite get behind their declarations of love. Enjoyable, but I wanted a little more.

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