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Among Galactic Ruins by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Among Galactic Ruins by Anna Hackett
Among Galactic Ruins (The Phoenix Adventures #0.5) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 08/22/15
Date read: August 23, 2015

The Phoenix Adventures
0.5. Among Galactic Ruins - Kindle
1. At Star's End
2. In the Devil's Nebula
3. On a Rogue Planet
3.5. Beneath a Trojan Moon
4. Beyond Galaxy's Edge
4.5. On a Cyborg Planet
5. Return to Dark Earth
6. On a Barbarian World
7. Lost in Barbarian Space
8. Through Uncharted Space
9. Crashed on an Ice World

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When astro-archeologist and museum curator Dr. Lexa Carter discovers a secret map to a lost old Earth treasure--a priceless Fabergé egg--she's excited at the prospect of a treasure hunt to the dangerous desert planet of Zerzura. What she's not so happy about is being saddled with a bodyguard--the museum's mysterious new head of security, Damon Malik.

After many dangerous years as a galactic spy, Damon Malik just wanted a quiet job where no one tried to kill him. Instead of easy work in a museum full of artifacts, he finds himself on a backwater planet babysitting the most infuriating woman he's ever met.

She thinks he's arrogant. He thinks she's a trouble-magnet. But among the desert sands and ruins, adventure led by a young, brash treasure hunter named Dathan Phoenix, takes a deadly turn. As it becomes clear that someone doesn't want them to find the treasure, Lexa and Damon will have to trust each other just to survive.
Thoughts on Among Galactic Ruins: I do love a good sexy sci-fi. Aliens, alien worlds, and bad, bad things happening to people in the far reaches of space just do it for me. The sex isn't too shabby either.

But let's not talk about how much I adore a good romp through alien worlds. Let's talk about Lexa and Damon.

Lexa and Damon. They definitely have some sparks when they're first on page. Sparks of the "I loathe you and your high-handed ways" type. It's awesome. Because the loathing sparks are all just a front for the "let's get nekkid and jump into bed" sparks. And Damon going a little growly whenever someone looks at Lexa a little too long (I'm looking at you, Dathan) was hilarious.

Fun, fast-paced and sexy. Everything I desire in a sexy sci-fi. (Also, I should really read the others in this series since I'm enjoying it so much.)

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