Thursday, December 24, 2015

Full Moon Mischief by Debra Dunbar [Quickie Review]

 Nightshade Anthology
Full Moon Mischief by Debra Dunbar
Format: ebook
Source: provided for review as part of the Nightshade anthology
Date read: October 22, 2015

0.5. Imp
0.9. Full Moon MischiefKindle
1. A Demon Bound
2. Satan's Sword
3. Elven Blood
4. Devil's Paw
5. Imp Forsaken
6. Agent of Chaos
6.5. The Naughty List
7. Kingdom of Lies

Debra Dunbar
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Getting summoned on Halloween isn't any demon's idea of fun especially when yanked from a rocking party into a coat closet. But rules are rules and Imp Sam must find a way to get rid of a gold-digger hussy then hope the pint-sized mage sends her back before the party’s over.
Thoughts on Full Moon Mischief: Heh. Sam pulled a chuckle out of me. Her pranks were perfectly in line with my idea of what an imp would do (condoms and dog poo and making people think they were peeing blood thanks to a liberal application of meds in the punch bowl) and I found her hilarious.

For all the other stories in this anthology are full of blood and guts, this one struck me as being a little darker. Maybe it was the bad parent vibe papa mage had going for him. I dunno. I do know I liked it and I enjoyed seeing those who needed it being taken down.

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