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On a Barbarian World by Anna Hackett [Review]

 On a Barbarian World by Anna Hackett
On a Barbarian World (The Phoenix Adventures #6) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: January 5, 2016

The Phoenix Adventures
0.5. Among Galactic Ruins
1. At Star's End
2. In the Devil's Nebula
3. On a Rogue Planet
3.5. Beneath a Trojan Moon
4. Beyond Galaxy's Edge
4.5. On a Cyborg Planet
5. Return to Dark Earth
6. On a Barbarian World - Kindle
7. Lost in Barbarian Space
8. Through Uncharted Space
9. Crashed on an Ice World

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When an independent deep-space scout crash-lands on an unknown alien world, the last thing she expects is to find herself claimed by a barbarian warrior.

Aurina Phoenix spends most of her time zooming through uncharted space and gathering intel for her family’s deep-space convoy, but her life takes an unexpected detour when a meteor shower brings down her ship. She finds herself on a barren, low-tech planet inhabited by dangerous beasts…and lands in the arms of a brawny barbarian warlord.

Markarian warrior Kavon Mal Dor is known for his skill in battle. He lives to protect his clan…and to avenge the murder of his father. Every move he makes is part of his grand plan for revenge, including finding a legendary sword and marrying a warlord’s daughter. But when a beautiful skyflyer crashes into his world, she is the one thing he never counted on.

Fighting their incendiary attraction, Aurina and Kavon make a deal: she’ll help him find the sword and in return, he’ll give her the emergency beacon she needs to get home. But as the search for the sword plunges them into a dangerous adventure they find themselves consumed by a powerful passion and questioning everything they’ve ever wanted.
Thoughts on On a Barbarian World: I imagine that some day (some day soon?), I'll have this entire series at my fingertips and will read the books in the order they're meant to be read in. But that day is not today. So instead I'll just skip blithely through this series like someone who doesn't understand numbering systems and pretend that I meant to do it this way all along.

But let's talk about Aurina and Kavon. She's a spunky scout, he's a warlord with buckets of honor. She's used to holding her own against her domineering, protective brothers and he's used to giving orders. They have some fun verbal clashes as Aurina proves she has the guts to go after what she says she will. It takes some time, but Kavon learns the value of asking versus demanding.

Have I mentioned how fun the treasure hunting is yet? Because it is. Dark caverns, mysteries that need to be untangled, and oodles of danger. *fist pump* Yeah, I like these books and the Phoenix family's unwavering dedication to finding lost things.

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