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Breath of Destiny by Ophelia Bell [Quickie Review]

 Breath of Destiny by Ophelia Bell
Breath of Destiny (Rising Dragons #1) by Ophelia Bell
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 8/19/14
Date read: February 1, 2016

Rising Dragons
0.5. Night Fire
1. Breath of Destiny - Kindle
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3. Breath of Innocence
4. Breath of Desire
5. Breath of Love
6. Breath of Flame & Shadow
7. Breath of Fate

Ophelia Bell
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Dragons have Risen

Erika Rosencrans has accomplished her life’s dream: proving that dragons exist. Now she only wants to share her life with the amazing red dragon, Geva, and hunt down more lost ancient temples while exploring her dragon lover’s vast sexual appetite.

Geva, a member of the dragon queen’s Court has two desires: to make Erika happy and to convince the adventurous woman to stay put long enough to bear his child.

In the process of exploring his dead mother’s journals, Geva and Erika discover a secret his parents kept that could change the lives of all dragons. But in order uncover the details of the secret and get what they both want, the two lovers must compromise.
Thoughts on Breath of Destiny: Boy, dragons are hot. Not a little hot, but smokin' hot. Go-all-night hot. Don't stop until they pass out hot. Geva certainly has stamina, doesn't he?

*ahem* Right. So, dragons are real. They live among us. Sort of. They're awake at the moment, but there's a ticking clock counting down how long they have in the world. BUT... the dragons ALL seem to be rebelling against that clock. The world has changed since they were last awake and the old ways might be in need of an overhaul.

While Geva and Erika were certainly steamy whenever they started getting physical, it was the mystery they uncovered when Geva went to reclaim his birthright that tickled my fancy. Geva's parents did something unheard of and Geva and Erika have to unravel the secrets to see how it can reshape the dragon world.

Very fun, very sexy, and with a lot more crazy ahead. *thumbs up*

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