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Stone Embrace by Danielle Monsch [Quickie Review]

 Stone Embrace by Danielle Monsch
Stone Embrace (Entwined Realms #2) by Danielle Monsch
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 01/21/16
Date read: January 30, 2016

Entwined Realms
1. Stone Guardian
2. Stone Embrace - Kindle
3. Cage King
4. The Rooftop
5. The Dream Crafter
6. Nemesis Underground

Danielle Monsch
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
In the New Realms, love can be the most dangerous battle of all...

Terak has fought all enemies to claim Larissa. It doesn't matter his own Clan looks upon the union with misgivings. It doesn't matter her family see a monster when they see him.

It doesn't matter, because Larissa is his.

And any who would try to take her away? They'll see what a Gargoyle will do to protect his mate.


NOTE: Stone Embrace is not a complete story. It would best be described as an extended 30 page epilogue to the novel Stone Guardian. You'll probably have the most enjoyment reading this story if you have read Stone Guardian and already know the characters and world of the Entwined Realms series.
Thoughts on Stone Embrace: Heed the warning in the blurb, my friends. This is an awesome little epilogue, but it would have a hard time standing on its own. This part of Terak and Larissa's story is sexy fun, don't get me wrong, but this is the cherry on top, not the main course.

That said, a sexy, brooding gargoyle with plenty of responsibility who still finds time to show his lady how much she means to him? YESSSS! Terak certainly doesn't fall down in that regard. He unleashes a side of himself that sends Larissa's lady parts fluttering. And her heart. But mostly her parts.

This continues to be a very fun, intriguing world with sexy characters. *thumbs up*

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