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Unrequited by Jen Frederick [Review]

 Unrequited by Jen Frederick
Unrequited (Woodlands #4) by Jen Frederick
Format: ebook
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Date read: February 21, 2016

1. Undeclared
1.5. Undressed
2. Unspoken
3. Unraveled
4. Unrequited - Paperback | Kindle

Jen Frederick
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Winter Donovan loves two things: her sister and her sister's ex boyfriend. She's spent her whole life doing the right thing except that one time, that night when Finn O'Malley looked hollowed out by his father's death. Then she did something very wrong that felt terribly right.

Finn can't stop thinking about Winter and the night and he'll do anything to make her a permanent part of his life, even if it means separating Winter from the only family she has.

Their love was supposed to be unrequited but one grief stricken guy and one girl with too big of a heart results in disastrous consequences.
Thoughts on Unrequited: Oh, my goodness, I liked Finn. He made a few mistakes, but his heart was in the right place. And when he decided he wanted Winter as more than just a hook-up, he went for it. HARD.

For the record, I liked Winter, too. She had some serious issues to deal with (her sister being the main one) and she walked the line between being there for her and forcing Ivy to stand on her own two feet. I mean, it took time, but she took a stand and she stuck to it. WAY TO GO, WINTER.

(I did not like Ivy. I get why she did the things she did and I can appreciate how the author had her act that way, but I didn't like her. Manipulative family members set my teeth on edge.)

As for the falling for your sister's ex? OUCH. Winter and Finn's story was messy and tangled, but they made it work.

As with the other books, we get some face time with former couples, Bo gave some relationship advice (that never gets old, guys. NEVER!), and I'm DYING to see how the other men in the Woodlands house find their special someone. Probably the saddest thing about this book was hitting the end and realizing I'd run out of published books. *sad face* Oh, well. I shall persevere until book 5 comes out.

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