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The Mating Challenge by Bonnie Vanak [Review]

 The Mating Challenge by Bonnie Vanak
The Mating Challenge (Werewolves of Montana #5) by Bonnie Vanak
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: February 21, 2016

Werewolves of Montana
0.5. The Mating Heat
1. The Mating Chase
2. The Mating Hunt
3. The Mating Seduction
4. The Mating Rite
4.5. The Mating Intent
5. The Mating Challenge - Kindle
6. The Mating Season
7. The Mating Game

Bonnie Vanak
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
For a long time alpha werewolf and ranch owner Aiden Mitchell has desired the curvy, vivacious Nikita Blakemore, alpha female of the Blakemore pack. He will have her as his mate and no other. To force her hand, Aiden maneuvers her into hosting a Mating Challenge, the ultimate warrior competition for werewolves, where males fight for the right to mate and breed with a female alpha. Fiercely protective of his future mate, Aiden will do anything to make her his own, even fight to the death.

Masquerading as her twin sister, Nia Blakemore knows she is the one Aiden wants in his bed. Nia has dreamed of the handsome cowboy sweeping her into his strong arms and consummating the passion consuming them both, even though he thinks she is Nikita, the true alpha female. Nia must try to keep Aiden from discovering the truth to protect her frailer, gentler twin. But Nia and the real Nikita hide a secret far more deadly than the charade they have pulled off for years, one that can kill Aiden and any healthy male who sets foot upon their land…
Thoughts on The Mating Challenge: I genuinely like this world, but I have to admit there were times I wanted to give Nia a good shake and tell her to suck it up and spill all her secrets. Especially as we came to see that those secrets weren't secrets in the strictest sense of the word when it came to who they were trying to deceive.

So I wasn't totally thrilled with Nia's choice to hide what was going on. Very little good comes from deathbed promises, I've found. Very little. I do understand where she was coming from as far as those secrets go, but it put her in a bad position and she had to sacrifice a lot of weather them.

That said, considering the danger Aiden ended up in, he was pretty easygoing about everything that went down. Sure, sure, he ended up with the hot werewolf and everything, but things could have turned ugly there.

I like cowboy werewolves. I like how the pack comes together to support one another. I like the smokin' sex. Basically, other than my little issues about secrets and such, I like this whole world. Heck, magic and werewolves. Those things work for me.

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