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Kilt in Space by Ella Drake [Review]

 Kilt in Space by Ella Drake
Kilt in Space (Space Grit #2) by Ella Drake
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 13, 2016

Space Grit
1. Black Ice Heart
2. Kilt in Space - Kindle
3. Freeker
4. Willing Skin
5. Killer Mate

Ella Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A shy monster accidently scares the ship engineer. Not exactly the way he wanted to catch her attention.


Ursula is no stranger to big, snarly aliens. Heart-sister and ship engineer for her brothers, the Scoriah, she's used to claws, fangs, and vicious fighting. On board their new spacefaring cargo hauler, they find everything they need: Smuggling holes, plenty of room, and a brand new engine Ursula can't wait to get to know. But they find something extra on board. A monster that frightens even the intrepid Ursula.

Left by the previous crew, Grendel wants nothing more than to escape the monsters who've taken over his ship. Remaining hidden isn't an option for Grendel when the intriguing new engineer misses a crucial problem with the internal systems. Now, it's find a way to approach Ursula or they're all going to die.
Thoughts on Kilt in Space: Grendel is one of those adorable monster/men I can get behind. His shyness got to me. The fact he stayed on a deserted ship because it was the only home he'd ever known made me wibbly. That he knew his looks tended to scare people...poor guy.

Fortunately for him, Ursula is used to those who aren't exactly normal looking. Being around her Scoriah brothers has forced her to look beyond the surface. She sees Grendel's gentleness nearly from the beginning (sure, the first few times she glimpsed him, he scared her, but it was mostly because she wasn't expecting to see ANYONE when she caught sight of him, nor because of what he looked like) and draws him out with kindness.

I'm reading this series out of order (oops!), but I liked the hints we got of how the Scoriah interact and how surly Tee is. I like that dude. He's extra snarly. Here's to more hookups in future installments.

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