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Wellington's Surprise by Ella Drake [Review]

 Wellington's Surprise by Ella Drake
Wellington's Surprise (Space Grit #6) by Ella Drake
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 2, 2017

Space Grit
1. Black Ice Heart
2. Kilt in Space
3. Freeker
4. Willing Skin
5. Killer Mate
6. Wellington's SurpriseKindle

Ella Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Tee and Mal finally get away for some alone time as a newly mated couple, but the tech responsible for Mal's last two cyborg bodies has a surprise. A new Scoriah addition brings the couple to the brink and they react the only way they can, they dig in with their claws and hearts.

Letting go is never an option.
Thoughts on Wellington's Surprise: I really liked the little surprise Tee and Mal were given, but I'm not sure how I feel about Wellington creating something without thinking through the ramification of his actions if he succeeded. Frankly, he caused plenty of problems and pain for his little creation and he made me make a sour face.

That said, Tee did get to contribute to the gene pool, which was something that was bothering him before. Mal was adorably clueless when it came to handling his wee one and his almost-panic at being presented with a helpless being was classic. I always love when big, practically indestructible guys get all bug-eyed around little things.

Here's to more adventures with the Scoriah!

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