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Meridian Six by Jaye Wells [Review]

 Meridian Six by Jaye Wells
Meridian Six (Meridian Six #1) by Jaye Wells
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: January 3, 2017

Meridian Six
1. Meridian Six - Kindle
2. Children of Ash

Jaye Wells
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Meridian Six remembers the days before the Troika enslaved humans. She also remembers her mother, a freedom fighter murdered in the final battle between humans and vampires. But it is her mother's final words that have haunted her:

Red means life.

In the years since her mother's death, she has been used as both a propaganda tool and a blood slave by the Troika. She's withstood their indignities because the alternative meant bleeding out in a blood camp. But their abuses finally go too far, and she decides to run towards freedom and her mother's red light.

On the other side, she finds the Sisters of Crimson. They help her just as her mother promised, but they also hand her to the human rebels. The vampires used her famous name to keep human slaves biddable, but now the humans want to use it inspire a revolution.

When the world is at war, freedom is a luxury paid for with blood
Thoughts on Meridian Six: This is no sweet, gentle vampire story. It's bloody and dirty and full of enough grit to keep you scrubbing for days. Basically, it was exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. Something that would dig into my brain and make me think.

Meridian's life is awful. As a blood slave for the Troika, she's withstood everything life has thrown at her, until they cross a line and she goes on the run. She ends up tangled with a group of freedom fighters who are living on the ragged edge. They don't trust her and she doesn't want any part of their war.

Until she doesn't have a choice.

Dark, brutal and bloody, this story hit the spot. Meridian lives in a dangerous world and she's just thrown her lot in with a bunch who are willing to die to stop the vampires from continuing their reign of terror.

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