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Willing Skin by Ella Drake [Review]

 Willing Skin by Ella Drake
Willing Skin (Space Grit #4) by Ella Drake
Format: ebook
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Date read: March 7, 2016

Space Grit
1. Black Ice Heart
2. Kilt in Space
3. Freeker
4. Willing SkinKindle
5. Killer Mate

Ella Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sylla Viola has never put down roots. When she's forced to abandon her life, she leaves everything behind. Nothing to miss. Nothing to regret. Not even the loss of her body. Using a DNA mod that changes her into a male half-human Scoriah, she's poised to get away from the hunter on her trail. Until she runs into the one man who can see through her disguise.

Docked at Station Viesel, Echtei Bronson helps a lost male Scoriah. One minute in his company threatens Echtei's control. One glimpse of the woman inside and he can't keep his hands off. One heated touch and he gives in to the need to wreak havoc on anyone who touches Sylla--a woman who could never stay with a man forever tied to family and home.

But even Echtei can't defeat what's chasing Sylla--a ruthless cyborg hunter who has shown that a Scoriah is no match for him. Echtei won’t give Sylla up without a fight. It's face the impossible or die trying, even if survival means war.

Willing Skin is a full-length science fiction romance novel in the Space Grit series and can be read stand-alone.

Warning: This novel is intended for readers 18 and older. It contains explicit female/male and (female as male)/male scenes, language, violence.
Thoughts on Willing Skin: I was looking for something gritty and sexy when I picked this book up. It work for me. Enough so I snagged a couple others in the series to see how the couples who were already hooked up came together.

(But that's another story for another time. Or just later this evening.)

Sylla is in a tough spot. The only way to escape the hunter after her is to change herself as radically as possible. It's bad luck she runs into the only species in space who can tell she's not what is. On the plus side, Echtei turns out to like what he sees--both her male Scoriah disguise and her very female self--and things get hot and heavy pretty quickly.

I liked Echtei and Sylla. I liked Echtei's brothers. I even liked surly Tee, who was looks like he's going to have a very rough time when his book rolls around. Basically, this book hit all my happy sexy sci-fi buttons. I'm going in for more.

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