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Forged in Ash by Trish McCallan [Review]

 Forged in Ash by Trish McCallan
Forged in Ash (Red-Hot SEALs #2) by Trish McCallan
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 31, 2016

Red-Hot SEALs
1. Forged in Fire
2. Forged in Ash - Paperback | Kindle
3. Forged in Smoke
4. Forged in Ember

Trish McCallan
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kait Winchester inherited a special gift from her Arapaho ancestors: she can heal with her touch. And there is no one she would like to get her hands on more than the super-sexy SEAL who seems determined to ignore their off-the-charts chemistry. When the wounded warrior finally seeks her help, she’s ready to nurse him back to health…and into her bed.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Marcus “Cosky” Simcosky is no stranger to hot water, but recent events have boiled over into one hell of a mess. His team is under investigation for a hostage rescue gone wrong, a crazy female stalker is on his trail, and the last few bullets he took just may sideline him for the rest of his career. The kicker? The one woman who can help him get back on his feet—and has haunted his fantasies for years—is his teammate’s sister. He’s looked but never touched. When his stalker targets Kait, though, Cosky will have no choice but to do whatever is necessary to keep her safe.
Thoughts on Forged in Ash: Good gravy, I had forgotten how much I like these SEALs. Not just THEM, but what they're able to do with the abilities they've been given. Or, in the case of Cosky, how open-minded he's willing to be when confronted with some non-traditional healing methods.

Kait and Cosky are definitely combustible together. I can't say I loved how he shut Kait down when she tried to pursue something, but he recovered nicely. Eventually. The life-or-death situations they found themselves in probably spurred him along in that regard. I mean, it's hard to keep your distance when you have 'splosions going off around you.

I don't mean to tell tales out of school or anything, but I'm kinda smitten with Wolf. The big, silent (and deadly!) ones always tug my heartstrings. I'm crossing my fingers we get to see more of him down the road.

As for the rest of ST7, there's plenty of crazy going on to keep them all on those toes for a long while longer. BRING IT!

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