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Her Treasure Hunter Ex by Zara Keane [Review]

 Her Treasure Hunter Ex by Zara Keane
Her Treasure Hunter Ex (Ballbeg Bad Boys #1) by Zara Keane
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 6/4/16
Date read: June 5, 2016

Ballbeg Bad Boys
1. Her Treasure Hunter Ex - Paperback | Kindle
2. The Rock Star's Secret Baby
3. The Navy SEAL's Holiday Fling
4. Bodyguard by Day, Ex-Husband by Night

Zara Keane
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
She’d left him in the past…

Underwater photographer Katy Ryan snags the assignment of a lifetime—the chance to explore the wreck of RMS Lusitania. But there’s a catch: Her infuriating ex-fiancĂ© is on the exploration team.

…He’s about to blow up her future.

Declan “Dex” Fitzgerald is a treasure hunter on a mission. Priceless necklaces are hidden in the wreck of the Lusitania. With a loose idea of where to find the gems, and even looser morals, Dex wrangles a last-minute job on the team. And realizes he’ll have to work alongside his uptight-but-sexy-as-hell ex.

And they’re not the only ones in pursuit of the treasure. With sparks flying and oxygen tanks running low, can Dex and Katy retrieve the gems before the bad guys?
Thoughts on Her Treasure Hunter Ex: I liked parts of this books well enough, but there was a *thing* that happened at the end (a reveal I won't reveal in my review) that was almost... brushed off as far as the character's reactions went. I wanted a little more angst and anger over that *thing* and when I didn't get it, I found myself a teeny bit disappointed.

Because when someone does something that throws the whole course of someone's life into a tailspin and then it turns out the reason they did it was...wrong...well, I want some righteous fury to be throw around. But then, I'm a pitiless, heartless person who likes to read about BAD THINGS HAPPENING to people, so maybe that's just me.

(Man, I kinda make myself sound borderline sociopathic there. I'm not. Mostly.)

I liked the treasure hunting. I liked that Dex and Katy came together like a house on fire. I liked the background stuff going on. There was just that one little thing that threw me. I want more angst and anger, apparently. Huh. Who knew?

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