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Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon [Review]

 Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon
Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians #3) by Ruby Dixon
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: July 3, 2016

Ice Planet Barbarians
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3. Barbarian LoverPaperback | Kindle
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7. Barbarian's Touch
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8. Barbarian's Taming
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10. Fire and Ice

Ruby Dixon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
As one of the few humans stranded on the ice planet, I should be happy that I have a new home. Human women are treasured here, and one alien in particular has made it clear that he wants me. It's hard to push away the sexy, flirtatious Aehako, when all I want to do is grab him by his horns and insist he take me to his furs.

But I've got a terrible secret - the aliens who abducted me are back, and thanks to the translator in my ear, they can find me. My presence here endangers everyone... but can I give up my new life and the man I want more than anything?
Thoughts on Barbarian Lover: My rule about writing a review before I can start the next book in a series is KILLING me here because I have the next two books sitting on my Kindle and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read them without writing any reviews, but I CAN'T. Because rules are there for a reason, amirite? (This rules is only there because I have a hard time writing a review when I've already read the next book. I start mixing things up in my head and it's chaos with a side of anarchy! It's really better if I follow my rules. Really.)

So. Kira and Aehako. I liked that flirty, blue alien. He's dedicated to chasing the shadows from Kira's eyes and determined to show her he'd make a good mate even if they don't resonate. He's a total sweetheart through and through. Honestly, I get where Kira was coming from. Her connection to the aliens that abducted the women puts her in a bad place. The translation device itself physically makes things difficult for her, not to mention how she finds out things she shouldn't know because it of.

Plus, there's another little something that's weighing on her. Poor girl.

In case you couldn't figure it out, I'm really digging this series. It has big aliens, hot sexin', and a planet that forces our couples to cuddle up to share body heat. Yassssss!

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