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Wild Things by Jennifer Ashley [Review]

 Wild Things by Jennifer Ashley
Wild Things (Shifters Unbound #7.75) by Jennifer Ashley
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 8/6/16
Date read: August 10, 2016

Shifters Unbound
0.5. Shifters Made
1. Pride Mates
2. Primal Bonds
2.5. Bodyguard
3. Wild Cat
3.5. Hard Mated
4. Mate Claimed
4.5. Perfect Mate
4.6. Lone Wolf
5. Tiger Magic
5.5. Feral Heat
6. Wild Wolf
6.5. Bear Attraction
7. Mate Bond
7.25. Lion Eyes
7.5. Bad Wolf
7.75. Wild Things - Paperback | Kindle
8. White Tiger
9. Guardian's Mate

Jennifer Ashley
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton is tired of the crazy feral living in his house, endangering him, his brothers, and his sweet auntie Cora. Ferals are Shifters who’ve reverted to the wild stage, forgetting all about the joys of pizza and satellite TV. Not to mention, Mason is sick of waking up to the feral’s rampages in the bedroom next to his. The feral has been given sanctuary, so Mason can’t throw him out—the only thing to do is to find a way to cure him.

The problem is, Shifter healers—elusive, Goddess-touched Shifters who have the healing gift—are few and far between. Mason volunteers to go in search of one, and is sent to a psychic in New Orleans who might have an idea of where to start looking.

Mason doesn’t believe in psychics, but Jasmine, the psychic in question, seems to at least put on a good show. Jasmine believes in Shifters all right, but she vowed after her Shifter boyfriend dumped her to never have anything to do with them again.

The easiest way to get rid of the growly Lupine, Mason, is to help him, but Jasmine never dreams what that help will drag her into.
Thoughts on Wild Things: Sometimes I think I'd be able to keep the characters in this series straight if I read the books in order. Then I cackle maniacally and continue my mad-scientist patchwork reading of the series. Because I'm a rebel like that.

(I'm not really a rebel. I just play one on TV.) (No, wait. I don't do that, either.)

So. Mason and Jasmine. He doesn't believe in psychics. She's been burned by shifters before. Plus, she lives in a sentient house. WHICH IS COOL. But only if the house doesn't eat you or anything. Anywho. The two feel the pull of attraction, but they both have their reasons for keeping their distance. Until they just throw caution to the wind and go for it.


I like this messed up shifter world. The shifters live in a place that's both dark and hopeful and there's plenty of lovin' to go around. PLENTY of lovin'. *finger guns*

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