Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beyond Galaxy's Edge by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Beyond Galaxy's Edge by Anna Hackett
Beyond Galaxy's Edge (The Phoenix Adventures #4) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 23, 2016

The Phoenix Adventures
0. Among Galactic Ruins
1. At Star's End
2. In the Devil's Nebula
3. On a Rogue Planet
3.5. Beneath a Trojan Moon
4. Beyond Galaxy's Edge - Kindle
4.5. On a Cyborg Planet
5. Return to Dark Earth
6. On a Barbarian World
7. Lost in Barbarian Space
8. Through Uncharted Space
9. Crashed on an Ice World

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Ambitious Patrol Captain Nissa Sander has spent three years at the galaxy’s edge keeping the law and order, and chasing scoundrel smuggler, Justyn Phoenix. But the charming rogue has always outwitted her and she’s had a hard time ignoring his hard body and handsome face. But when one of the galaxy’s most important documents—the US Constitution—is stolen, Nissa finds herself working with the very man she’s been trying to throw in her brig.

Justyn Phoenix embraces life and offers everyone a wink and a smile. He’s also in love with a spit-and-polish Patrol captain. Yep, crazy in love, and he knows she’ll never love him back. But when the opportunity arises to work alongside Nissa on a wild and crazy mission to recover the US Constitution, he can’t resist.

But nothing on this treasure hunt is as it seems. The trail leads them to fake documents, rival treasure hunters, and a millennia old mystery. As the hunt takes them beyond the galaxy’s edge, Justyn and Nissa will face the firestorm of their desire, and soon learn if they can survive long enough to save the galaxy.
Thoughts on Beyond Galaxy's Edge: I do enjoy these books. I mean, treasure hunting. IN SPACE. Now with carnivorous beasties! *makes excited noises*

So. Justyn and Nissa. They're on two very different ends of the spectrum at first. She follows the rules. He's...well, he's a Phoenix. Then things start happening. And suddenly all that pent up emotion is getting the better of them. Well, emotion and that aphrodisiac. But mostly emotion.

*cue up the mood lighting and some sexy music* (err, that's just me projecting. I don't think there was either mood lighting or sexy music. But there could have been. Oh, yeah!)

I get a serious kick out of the treasure hunting. And the Phoenixes. Those guys are fun. They play hard, they love hard and they have a core of decency despite their sometimes questionable ventures. Also, I kinda get a kick out of how all the ladies swoon over them. The Phoenix men have GAME!

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