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Her Captain by Taryn Kincaid [Review]

 Her Captain by Taryn Kincaid
Her Captain by Taryn Kincaid
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 22, 2016

Taryn Kincaid
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Is love in the signs for a Capricorn ex-Navy SEAL and the Aries out to capture his heart?

Capricorn Slate Claybourne, a former SEAL who has seen and done things in country no man should endure, returns to his bucolic hometown on Pieberry Island, desperate for the everyday routines he once wanted to escape.

Unable to be around people, his body still a lethal weapon when his night terrors wake him from sleep, Slate’s failed to keep the promise he made to the commander who died in his arms: to look after the older man’s baby girl.

But animated Aries Holly Harper is not the pigtailed tot Slate expected her to be when she lands on the island to take over the decrepit Pieberry House, determined to turn it into an inn for summer tourists…and even more determined to yank Slate back into the land of the living.

First she crashes into him at the island’s Winter Festival, dumping a towering stack of pies at his feet, then she drags him off to a fortune teller against his better judgment.

Except for the sizzling attraction smoldering between them, they’re incompatible in every way.

But when a furious December nor’easter traps them together at Pieberry House, will Slate and Holly overcome their pasts and discover they are two halves of a whole?
Thoughts on Her Captain: Holy wicked winds, batman! Slate and Holly have some serious chemistry going on here. She has no filter and he's so beaten down by what he's seen that they're like to opposing forces pushing against one another. Until they reach a point where they both give into their mutual attraction,.

Or until Holly forces Slate to realize that facing your fears with someone at your side makes you even stronger.

I'm a sucker for two people being trapped by inclement weather together. Seriously. It's a thing. That means I adored the idea of these two staring their fears in the face while being unable to escape the intensity they spark in one another.

*thumbs up*

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