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Ice Ice Babies by Ruby Dixon [Review]

 Ice Ice Babies by Ruby Dixon
Ice Ice Babies (Ice Planet Barbarians #7.6) by Ruby Dixon
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: August 22, 2016

Ice Planet Barbarians
1. Ice Planet Barbarians
2. Barbarian Alien
3. Barbarian Lover
4. Barbarian Mine
5. Ice Planet Holiday
6. Barbarian's Prize
7. Barbarian's Mate
7.5. Having the Barbarian's Baby
7.6. Ice Ice BabiesKindle
8. Barbarian's Touch
8.5. Calm
9. Barbarian's Taming
9.5. Aftershocks
10. Barbarian's Heart
11. Barbarian's Hope
12. Barbarian's Choice
13. Barbarian's Redemption
14. Barbarian's Lady

Ruby Dixon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's hard being a new mom on a barren, wintry planet. How about a mom...times two? Nora has to find a way to juggle babies, her mate, and friendships while catching the occasional nap. Can she get her groove back?

This is a short story set in the ICE PLANET BARBARIANS series and does not stand alone. It should be read after BARBARIAN'S MATE and is a little bit of sweetness and family life for those waiting for the next release.
Thoughts on Ice Ice Babies: Being a new mom is rough. Being a new mom on an icy planet to two babies is even rougher. Nora is dealing with all that, plus having Daglesh disappear on her every day to hunt. Not that Daglesh was trying to get out of helping or anything. His fears that he wouldn't be able to provide for his family when the weather got even worse is driving him to hunt longer and harder than ever before.

Basically, this was another little glimpse into the lives of couples who are dealing with the next stage of their relationships. Nora and Daglesh have a lot to juggle with two new babies and the brutal season coming on fast, but they're figuring it out.

I seriously adore this series. It's sexy and oddly easy to relate to considering it's about blue-skinned, horned, tailed aliens on a distant icy planet. *thumbs up all around*

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