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Calm by Ruby Dixon [Review]

 Calm by Ruby Dixon
Calm (Ice Planet Barbarians #8.5) by Ruby Dixon
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: September 5, 2016

Ice Planet Barbarians
1. Ice Planet Barbarians
2. Barbarian Alien
3. Barbarian Lover
4. Barbarian Mine
5. Ice Planet Holiday
6. Barbarian's Prize
7. Barbarian's Mate
7.5. Having the Barbarian's Baby
7.6. Ice Ice Babies
8. Barbarian's Touch
8.5. CalmKindle
9. Barbarian's Taming
9.5. Aftershocks
10. Barbarian's Heart
11. Barbarian's Hope
12. Barbarian's Choice
13. Barbarian's Redemption
14. Barbarian's Lady

Ruby Dixon
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
One morning, gentle Maylak wakes up and feels a sense of oncoming dread. As the tribe's healer, it is her job to ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy... and they are.

So what can be threatening her people?

Moving Day
Farli helps move Maddie into the new 'girls' cave while avoiding some prospective suitors.

These are two slice of life short stories set in the ICE PLANET BARBARIANS series and do not stand alone. They should be read after BARBARIAN'S TOUCH and are a little bit of sweetness and family life for those waiting for the next full book release.
Thoughts on Calm: The first short story teases us with something nebulous on the horizon. Maylak's sense of foreboding sends her through the caverns as she checks on each of the inhabitants. While all the couples are hale and hearty, there's something tickling her sixth sense. I enjoyed her wanderings through the cavern and seeing all the human women as they deal with mated life and their new babies. I'm even more excited as the tease of what's to come.

Moving Day was kinda sad. As Farli helps move Maddie into her new cave, we see how Asha is sunk in her depression. Knowing Maddie's story is next, I wonder where that will leave Asha and if she can pull out of her funk. *sad face*

Overall, enjoyable and the vague hints about the future make me want to snap up the next book ASAP.

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