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Escaping Fate by Regine Abel [Review]

 Escaping Fate by Regine Abel
Escaping Fate (Veredian Chronicles #1) by Regine Abel
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: April 8, 2017

Veredian Chronicles
1. Escaping Fate - Paperback | Kindle
2. Blind Fate
3. Raising Amalia
4. Twist of Fate

Regine Abel
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Born and raised on a slaver's ship, Amalia is a survivor of a race believed to have been extinguished in a planetary disaster. For three generations, her family has been the prized property of Gruuk. In the next few days, she will be forced to participate in her master’s psi talent breeding program. Escaping and attending the Fastening ceremony on Xelix Prime to find a mate and protector is her only hope.

Like most Xelixian males, cousins Khel and Lhor are Tainted. They are shunned by their own people because of the disease that mars their bodies and ensures a painful early death. It can only be reversed by mating. Xelixian females are rare. Pearls, the females that produce the curative chemical, are even more so. The chances of finding two Pearls, of any species, willing to accept heavily Tainted males, are virtually non-existent. Despite their status and wealth, the cousins are running out of time.

Between Gruuk’s dogged pursuit, deadly rivalries, assassins and corrupted nobles, can they keep Amalia safe or will their respective feelings for her tear them apart?

This MFM novel is a constant toe-curling, action-packed thriller, and the first book in the Veredian Chronicles series. It is a standalone with no cliffhanger.
Thoughts on Escaping Fate: Good GRAVY, I liked this book. As a sci-fi romance junky, this book made me SO HAPPY. It had everything I wanted AND MORE. I mean, LOOK! It's making me review in sporadic caps. THAT'S VERY TELLING.

Things I adored: the worldbuilding. SO GOOD. From the genetic taint that is killing Khel and Lhor and others of their kind to the slavers running their flesh trades to the quirks of Amalia's heritage (quirks she isn't even aware of since she's one of the last of her kind), I was smitten. The more we learned of the world/universe, the more I WANTED to know.

*draws sparkly hearts around it all*

As for the romance, I was VERY curious how the very possessive Khel would reach the point where he was willing to see Amalia in another's arms. Whether his cousin or someone else. Honestly, it took time. His possessive streak runs deep and he had to come to terms with things in his head before he was comfortable with seeing her with another.

I'm incredibly excited about this series in general and CAN'T WAIT to see what's up next with the Veredians.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review!!! Glad you enjoyed it. So you know, I'm hard at work on book 2 :D