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Blind Fate by Regine Abel [Review]

 Blind Fate by Regine Abel
Blind Fate (Veredian Chronicles #2) by Regine Abel
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: August 2, 2017

Veredian Chronicles
1. Escaping Fate
2. Blind FateKindle
3. Raising Amalia
4. Twist of Fate

Regine Abel
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Born in a breeding compound, Valena has never known a day of freedom. As a child, her master burned her retinas to prevent her from mind-controlling those who meet her gaze. But she still controls people’s thoughts with a touch. Sold to the Xelix Prime Blood Houses, she is forced to use her ability to keep the other slaves compliant. When Fate places a powerful Counselor in her path, she plots and schemes to use him to escape, until her feelings for him complicate matters.

As her master’s plans take on a darker turn, lies, betrayal, and tragedy threaten any hope she ever held of a better future.
Thoughts on Blind Fate: MAN, I like this series. The world building is top notch, the hits keep on coming, and the romance is both sweet and sexy. Plus, we got to see more of Amalia and her dudes and I LOVE revisiting couples after the fact.

But this is Valena and Zhul's story. For the most part, at least. I guess I should say it's their romance. The story itself is bigger than any one couple. After all, there are still Veredians in captivity, not to mention the intriguing secret of who the Tuureans are and why they're working so hard to rescue the Veredians. (I have suspicions, mind you. SUSPICIONS!)

As for Valena and Zhul, they both have their fair share of issues to get past. Valena's ability to control others isn't something she shares willingly and Zhul's father's indiscretions have left in him in a tough place. Being forced into the position they're forced into is probably the only thing that made Zhul give Valena a second chance once her secret is revealed. That and Lhor's words of wisdom.

Blood houses, danger, the ever-present hope that the Taint can be contained in some way, and a smokin' hot romance (even when held in captivity). This series is amazingly captivating and I'm ALL IN on wherever the next installment takes us.

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