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Stone Cold Fox by Evangeline Anderson [Review]

 Stone Cold Fox by Evangeline Anderson
Stone Cold Fox (Cougarville #3) by Evangeline Anderson
Format: ebook
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Date read: July 23, 2017

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2. Cougar Bait
3. Stone Cold FoxKindle

Evangeline Anderson
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Cougarville's mechanic, and resident Alpha fox, shelters a mysterious woman who ignites his protective animal instincts when evil forces try to tear them apart.

Jo Ferrell has been cast out of her home for reasons she doesn’t understand. The grey streak in her hair is gone, her body is younger, and there’s an ominous shadow chasing her. With nowhere else to go, Jo finds shelter in a shed whose owner she wants nothing to do with—but he’s too much to resist.

Reese Cooper has never felt a pull towards a woman like he does towards Jo and his Fox is desperate to claim her as their mate. After offering her a place to stay, Reese finds it difficult to resist his beautiful new roommate. But when dark magic threatens their happiness, Reese will use all of his strength to protect the woman he loves…if he’s not too late.

Stone Cold Fox is a fun, sexy, exciting read that will make readers want to revisit Cougarville again and again.

*Author's Note: Though I have tried to handle the subject sensitively, certain events in this book may make anyone with a history of past abuse upset. Please read responsibly.*
Thoughts on Stone Cold Fox: The Alpha shifters of Cougarville are dominant, protective, and ready to rumble if their special lady friends are menaced. And if their special lady friend is fighting the pull of attraction between them, they still do everything they can to make sure their Juvie is safe.

Which brings us around to Jo and Reese. She was forced into her rejuvenation without having any knowledge of shifters and their ilk. While that might have been problematic, her magical know-how keeps her safe until she gets to Cougarville, the one place where there are people who can explain what's going on. Actually, I might be exaggerating a bit. There are other places. Wolfish places. But that's another story for another day.

For all he's a man who can shift into a beast, Reese is a little disbelieving of Jo's claims of magic. He believes she believes she can do things, but he's not convinced it's anything more than that. Until, you know, THINGS HAPPEN. AND THEN MORE THINGS HAPPEN. (Do I smell a setup for a new series? I *hope* so!)

A little dark, a lot of sexy, and plenty of fun, those Courgarville shifters are a-okay. They fight for the things they believe in just as hard as they love. *thumbs up*

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