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In the Bag by Emery Harper [Review]

 In the Bag by Emery Harper
In the Bag (Celeste Eagan Mysteries #2) by Emery Harper
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: November 2, 2016

Celeste Eagan Mysteries
1. Person of Interest
2. In the Bag - Kindle

Emery Harper
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Life as the principal actress at the Peytonville Playhouse is all I ever thought it'd be—and more. I'm practically living the bohemian dream, until my BFF Levi finds a dead body on his property. And is swiftly arrested for murder.

Detective Shaw Muldoon is my almost-but-not-quite-there-yet beau. He knows me. He knows Levi. He knows neither of us is capable of something so heinous. And he knows that despite his strict orders to leave the case with the professionals, I'll launch my own investigation to clear Levi's name.

One more gruesome murder: check.

A dubious bakery owner who's taken a fancy to me: check.

This season's "it" handbag practically falling into my lap: check.

Levi's up the creek if I don't uncover the truth…but my investigation has put me firmly in the murderer's sights.

Life in danger: check.
Thoughts on In the Bag: Heh. Celeste certainly knows how to wriggle her way into the middle of mysteries, doesn't she? The lady has a sixth sense for flushing out danger and ending up in some iffy situations. I can see understand how she makes Shaw crazy with her casual disregard for her own safety.

I can also understand where she's coming from since it's her BFF's freedom on the line if someone doesn't start uncovering the truth. Unfortunately, with Shaw unable to discuss the case, she almost ends up doing more harm than good. Almost.

Speaking of Detective Muldoon, the guy needs to communicate better. I get he has some issues he's dealing with, but a lady like Celeste doesn't do well when she's left hanging. See the dubious bakery owner in the blurb. *nods* Throw in her propensity for stumbling into trouble and the good detective has his hands full.

This series is fun. The characters might drive me batty at times with the way they dance around one another, but I'm learning to enjoy the slow build. Plus, Celeste finding dead people whenever she turns around amuses me. I'm nicely twisted that way.

Here's to more dangerous, wacky adventures with Celeste Eagan.

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