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Star Cruise: Outbreak by Veronica Scott [Review]

 Star Cruise: Outbreak by Veronica Scott
Star Cruise: Outbreak (Sectors SF #5) by Veronica Scott
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 3, 2016

Sectors SF
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2. Escape from Zulaire
3. Mission to Mahjundar
4. Star Cruise: Marooned
5. Star Cruise: OutbreakPaperback | Kindle
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7. Hostage to the Stars
8. Star Cruise: Rescue
9. Trapped on Talonque

Veronica Scott
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
She saved countless soldiers in the wars … but does she have the weapons to fight an outbreak?

Dr. Emily Shane, veteran of the Sector Wars, is known as “The Angel of Fantalar” for her bravery under fire as a medic. However, the doctor has her own war wounds–severe PTSD and guilt over those she failed to save.

Persuaded to fill a seemingly frivolous berth as ship’s doctor on the huge and luxurious interstellar cruise liner Nebula Zephyr, she finds the job brings unexpected perks–a luxe beach deck with water imported from Tahumaroa II, and Security Officer Jake Dilon, a fellow veteran who heats her up like a tropical sun.

However, Emily soon learns she and Jake didn’t leave all peril behind in the war. A mysterious ailment aboard the Zephyr begins to claim victim after victim … and they must race against time and space to find the cause and a cure! Trapped on a ship no spaceport will allow to dock, their efforts are complicated by a temperamental princess and a terrorist–one who won’t hesitate to take down any being in the way of his target. If anyone’s left when the disease is through with them …
Thoughts on Star Cruise: Outbreak: I really, really like these Sectors SF men and women. They're resourceful, mentally strong, and they're willing to take on anything that crosses their paths. Including an outbreak aboard a cruise liner.

Now, Emily isn't as well off as everyone thinks. Her time on the front lines has broken something inside her and she's twitchy around others and her guilt over those she wasn't able to save is crushing. Jake takes the time to show her she's not alone and that she has people who've been through the same situations to lean on. And, you know, if something springs up between them while he's helping her heal, so be it.

Meanwhile, the cruise ship is hit with a virus that Emily and the crew have a hard time quantifying. As they try to figure out how to combat it, they're faced with the very real possibility that there may no coming back from the illness that's spreading across the ship.

We get to see a few familiar faces and the catastrophe that was the Nebula Dream is mentioned (crossovers with previous books make me happy!). I'm still loving this world and the events that take place in it.

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