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Killer Mate by Ella Drake [Review]

 Killer Mate by Ella Drake
Killer Mate (Space Grit #5) by Ella Drake
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: January 1, 2017

Space Grit
1. Black Ice Heart
2. Kilt in Space
3. Freeker
4. Willing Skin
5. Killer MateKindle
6. Wellington's Surprise

Ella Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Tee Bronson doesn't trust outsiders. Never has. Now the Scoriah are on the run from the Nex, a secretive black-ops unit, and trust isn't even in his vocabulary. Except he needs help to board a military vessel to free one of his brothers. The only human in the universe that he's sure isn't Nex is Malweather Hunter, his former lover. Problem is, last time Tee saw Mal, he killed him.

If there's one thing a former bounty hunting cyborg should avoid, it's the alien who turned him inside out, left him for dead, and ruined his career. Even reminded that he's homeless, broke, and bitter, Mal can't resist the reason for it all. Tee makes his cold body run hot. Besides, if anyone's going to kill Tee, it's going to be him. The Nex will just have to wait their turn to get their hands on his lover's enticing neck.
Thoughts on Killer Mate: Those Scoriah are such rough dudes. I LOVE IT. Well, mostly I love how they find mates who complement their roughness and are able to fight beside them. They're all a little bloodthirsty and it's GLORIOUS.

But let's talk about Tee. Tee who can't stop thinking about the cyborg he spent a night with and then killed to save his family. Tee who can't stop thinking about how his choices mean he will never be able to procreate to add to the family. And it makes Tee a little snarlier and more surly than normal.

Then he finds out Mal is alive and all those emotions he'd repressed for the sake of his family (and since he thought the guy was dead) surge up and things take a turn. Because, you know, they were going on what amounted to a suicide mission to save his formerly dead brother and if there was one thing Mal was good at it was completing a mission.

Things are a little complicated with these two.

Still liking the couples we've met before. Still liking how dangerous the situation the Scoriah are caught up in is. I'm very curious how things are going to turn out in the end.

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