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Summer by Sierra Dean [Review]

 Summer by Sierra Dean
Summer (Dog Days #4) by Sierra Dean
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: January 4, 2017

Dog Days
1. Autumn
2. Winter
3. Spring
4. SummerKindle

Sierra Dean
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Cooper Reynolds has been missing for months.

The whole town of Poisonfoot, Texas believes he has run away, proving they were right not to trust him. They believe he left like his brother and father before him: another good-for-nothing Reynolds man leaving the small town in his dust. No one is looking for him.

No one but Lou Whittaker.

Lou knows Cooper was taken, she just doesn’t know where he is or how to get him back. With the help of budding witch, Max, and an unlikely ally in her former enemy Archer Wyatt, Lou is determined to find Cooper and bring him back in one piece.

But time is running out. Summer is upon them, and if they don’t find Cooper before his 18th birthday, they’ll be bringing home a wild animal instead of their beloved friend.
Thoughts on Summer: Good gravy, this was a satisfying ending to this series. SO SATISFYING. Cooper and Lou got their ending. The curse was dealt with. Danger and heartache and magic were all mashed up in a glorious mix. *le sigh*

But before we got to that point, Lou and Cooper's family had to deal with his disappearance. Meanwhile, Cooper was trapped in a terrible place with some terrible people. The Wyatts were being typically Wyatt-ish and that NEVER works out well for the good guys, does it?

Again, this was just such a satisfying ending. Everyone got what they needed/wanted and a few people got things they never thought they'd get. I am pleased.

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