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Thomas' Heart by Melissa Haag [Review]

 Thomas' Heart by Melissa Haag
Thomas' Heart (Judgement of the Six Companion Series #4) by Melissa Haag
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 6, 2017

Judgement of the Six
1. Hope(less)
2. (Mis)fortune
3. (Un)wise
4. (Un)bidden
5. (Dis)content

Judgement of the Six Companion Series
1. Clay's Hope
2. Emmitt's Treasure
3. Luke's Dream
4. Thomas' HeartPaperback | Kindle
5. Carlos' Peace

Melissa Haag
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Thomas’ race is dying. To protect those left, the Elders create a safe haven. However, the safety of their sanctuary is threatened by the cause of their kind’s decline. A human. But, she’s not like the rest; and despite his hatred of humans, Thomas wants her for his own.

When females start dying while trying to reach safety, Thomas realizes it’s no longer just humans who pose a threat, but desperate males. Thomas must secure his place at Charlene’s side as leader of sanctuary, or everything they’ve worked together to build will crumble, and any hope of a future for Thomas’s race will die.
Thoughts on Thomas' Heart: Oh man, Charlene and Thomas. The things that poor girl has to go through before she feels comfortable the man fate has chosen for her. The biting. All that biting. Wolves, man. You can't bare your throat to them for a second or they take it as an invitation.

Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. Thomas figures things out. Eventually. You know, after he gets over his seething hatred of humans and realizes that Charlene's fear is genuine. Considering what a good leader he is, his acceptance of Charlene is what gives the wolves a chance to continue surviving.

Beyond the relationshippy stuff, we get a deeper look into the tragedy of what has been happening to the female wolves. The Urbat are insidious and sly and they're working on plan B before the wolves even know there's a plan A. Or a battle at all, really. Which is very uncool, but those Urbat are kinda jerks like that.

Just a few more books until it all comes to an end. I'm both sad and excited about this.

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