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Another Chance by Taryn Kincaid [Review]

 Another Chance by Taryn Kincaid
Another Chance (Black Hills Wolves #41) by Taryn Kincaid
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 23, 2016

Black Hills Wolves
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4. Wolf's Song
41. Another Chance - Kindle

Taryn Kincaid
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Chance Northridge left Los Lobos more than ten years ago, deserting his family and his young, unclaimed mate. Now he’s back, upsetting their world.

But those he left behind don’t understand that the pack’s former insane Alpha threatened everything Chance cared about in the world. Still, he’s got some big-time groveling ahead of him.

Julie Pembroke has struggled hard to forget her disloyal mate’s desertion and to gain acceptance in the pack as a woman on her own, and making a new life for herself.

When disaster strikes his family and endangers Julie’s life, can Chance prove himself worthy of a place in the pack and in his mate’s heart?
Thoughts on Another Chance: I do love me some tormented werewolves. The downside is that both Chance and Julie suffered when Chance was forced to run. Come to think of it, his brother suffered, too. It was just a big ball of suffering under the previous Alpha.

But Chance is back and he's torn between wanting to claim his mate and not wanting to mess up her life. Julie's a wee bit peeved at Chance for running, but she's also drawn to him in the way of mates. Which basically means they resist until they just can't anymore. Then the sexy times are unstoppable.

Well, until a dark cloud moves through Los Lobos and tries to disrupt things.

There's some intriguing setup for the next book in the Northridges story. Wolves, man. They know what they want when they see it. Sometimes circumstances beyond their control just get in the way.

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