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Contracted Defense by Piper J. Drake [Review]

 Contracted Defense by Piper J. Drake
Contracted Defense (Safeguard #3) by Piper J. Drake
Format: ebook
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Date read: June 29, 2017

1. Hidden Impact
2. Deadly Testimony
3. Contracted DefenseKindle

Piper J. Drake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Time is running out and the enemy is at the gate.

Adam Hicks may be the rookie at Safeguard, but he’s no novice in the field. Retired from active duty after multiple tours and back fresh from a brief rest in New Zealand, he’s itching to return to action. But the challenge he hoped for arrives in an unexpected form: his sexy yet stern new partner.

The last thing Victoria Ash wants is to work with the new guy—especially one as gorgeous as Adam. His relaxed attitude about their first “easy” assignment together—setting up a private home defense network for a reclusive client—doesn’t impress her. Easy usually means trouble. She’s proved right when Adam discovers that the multiple incursions on the physical and cyber security systems aren’t just glitches. They’re under attack…and there’s a traitor in their midst.

As tension mounts, so does the attraction between Victoria and Adam. They must protect their client and the research he’s desperately trying to keep secret. Working together, they have to find the mole before their defense measures, in the fortress and online, are compromised and the deadly secrets they’ve sworn to protect are revealed.
Thoughts on Contracted Defense: Oh, my. Adam and Victoria were smokin' hot together. Not just the sexy times, either. The way Adam challenged Victoria without tearing her down. His approach allowed her to reevaluate her way of doing things without forcing her into the knee-jerk reaction of defending herself against an attack.

*sigh* I do love a man who uses all his strengths to woo a lady.

Beyond Victoria and Adam's sexy back and forth, there's also some turmoil going on for Safeguard. With the reputation of the company being subtly maligned, they have to be very careful they don't make any missteps in their assignments. Which means, of course, Victoria and Adam's first assignment together is far more complicated than it looks on the surface.

We're given danger, a potential couple whose emotions are sometimes clouded by their pasts, and a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to bring Safeguard down. Good thing the team is smart and deadly enough to hold their own against nefarious plots.

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