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Desperately Unprepared by K.B. Jacobs [Review]

 Desperately Unprepared by K.B. Jacobs
Desperately Unprepared (Naked Brews #0.5) by K.B. Jacobs
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Date read: February 8, 2017

Naked Brews
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K.B. Jacobs
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
All great love stories start with Once Upon a Time. But what happened before the Upon a Time? The Before a Time? Once Upon the day before? Before the Time was Onced Upon? Nevermind.

The point is, there’s a lot of business happening before our characters reach Chapter One.

Bringing us to Desperately Unprepared. Before the Meet Cute, first kiss and HEA there were two people desperately living life, unprepared for the future. This is their story.
Thoughts on Desperately Unprepared: After reading book 1 in this series, I fully expected to enjoy settling in to get to know Walsh and Lake a little better. I have to admit I didn't expect to get so much DEPTH added to their respective characters. Seriously, I'm all giddy about these two and the people they surround themselves with.

Walsh. Holy wow. I liked him before, I felt even more for him after seeing the events from his past that shaped him into who he was when he first met Lake. His early life wasn't nice and it was only luck (bad or good, you decide) and a kind hand extended to him that saved him. Again, it was luck that saved his life when most of the rest of his squad was killed. (As an aside, I'm both sniffling and giggling over the circumstances that led to that tiny lie they told Damien's mother. Not Damien's situation, which sucked, but how they ended up getting rid of his know what? Just read it. It was amusing.)

Lake. Her situation wasn't quite as tragic as Walsh's, but she had some pretty serious issues to deal with all the same. And friendship. Fantastic friendship that brought her friends to her side when she needed them most.

I'm sort of enamored of this novella, so, you know, you should grab it and read it and pick up book 1 to see how things play out. Just sayin'.

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