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Natural Selection by Katie Allen [Review]

 Natural Selection by Katie Allen
Natural Selection (Research & Desire #2) by Katie Allen
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 10, 2017

Research & Desire
1. Erotic Experiments
2. Natural Selection - Kindle
3. Carnal Chemistry
4. Double Dose

Katie Allen (aka Katie Ruggle)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
There's something wickedly naughty about love on the run

Darwin Bloom has no true identity—his laboratory creators made sure of that. Darwin isn't his real name and living on the lam doesn't exactly allow for deep romantic relationships, but the feelings he's developed for engineer Tom Cooper are strong enough to try.

Tom Cooper's life changed forever when he met Darwin. Gone are his fears of intimacy—Tom wants to do whatever Darwin asks, whenever he asks. How is it that the big, beautiful construction worker can seem dangerous and delicious at the same time?

But when Darwin's mysterious past comes back with a vengeance, there's more than just incredible sex at stake. Darwin promised Tom he'd never leave him…but keeping him safe might mean doing just that.
Thoughts on Natural Selection: For all Darwin doesn't have any memories of his life before he became a lab experiment, he's a pretty easy-going guy. He might be quick to get hit with the possessive MINE mentality when he lays eyes on Tom, but he's careful with him. He does his best to ease Tom's fears as they slide into a relationship.

But being on the run and trying to fly under the radar of the government guys who could cause a lot of problems for anyone deemed to be important to Darwin makes their relationship a little tricky. Especially considering what Tom's dealing with.

So. Sticky government agents probably hell-bent on doing some very bad things if they get their hands on Darwin or his brothers, a man who jumps at shadows and whose self-esteem took a big hit six months before, and the easy-going guy who will do anything to keep him safe. Yeah, things are a little complicated, but nothing a lab-enhanced soldier can't handle. Mostly.

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