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Double Dose by Katie Allen [Review]

 Double Dose by Katie Allen
Double Dose (Research & Desire #4) by Katie Allen
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 13, 2017

Research & Desire
1. Erotic Experiments
2. Natural Selection
3. Carnal Chemistry
4. Double DoseKindle

Katie Allen (aka Katie Ruggle)
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A double dose of happily-ever-after…

Speech therapist Daphne's neat, orderly life takes a turn for the dramatic when she's kidnapped and spirited away to a hideout deep in the Colorado mountains. Her captors? Gorgeous men—all escaped from a secret laboratory designed to build perfect supersoldiers.

Trauma associated with his engineering left Benjy mute, and Ari thinks Daphne's just the girl to help him recover. Held against her will, Daphne will be damned before she helps any of them—regardless of how electrifying she finds their touches.

But as Daphne's hunger for Benjy and Ari grows, so does her empathy for the other soldiers hiding out at the lodge. With danger from her own past threatening to resurface and an overeager FBI agent sniffing around, she needs to free herself, her men and the others.
Thoughts on Double Dose: I've enjoyed the other books in the series, but I think Ari and Benjy might be my two favorite guys of the group. What can I say? I like 'em big and quiet and also a little snarly. Benjy had the big and quiet part covered and Ari had the big and snarly part down. Basically, the two of them worked for me.

I have to say, after her initial resistance and fear over being kidnapped, Daphne was pretty accommodating to her two guys. She put up with Ari tossing her over his shoulder and Benjy and Ari's need to get snuggly when they slept. She accepted that things were a little more complicated than they originally seemed with only minimal explanations. She threw herself all in to helping the group and she did it with only a few attempts at maiming by fork. (which will make sense once you read the book, I SWAER!)

While that could have been disconcerting, I kinda liked how she sort of fell into a relationship with them without much drama. I mean, there was drama, but it wasn't over the top, angsty whining. It was sort of sweet and explosive all at the same time.

While this book closes out the guys' story arc, I'm wondering if there's more to be told. The idea that there could potentially be more men like them out there was floated and it got me thinking. If any of them are AT ALL like Benjy and Ari (FINE, and the other guys), I'm IN!

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