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On the Chase by Katie Ruggle [Review]

 On the Chase by Katie Ruggle
On the Chase (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #2) by Katie Ruggle
Format: ebook
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Date read: June 20, 2017

Rocky Mountain K9 Unit
1. Run to Ground
2. On the ChasePaperback | Kindle
3. Survive the Night
4. Through the Fire

Katie Ruggle
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
After witnessing a horrifying crime, Kaylee is forced to flee to a small Colorado mountain town and take on a new identity. There she becomes Grace, a dog kennel worker trying to avoid the dangerously attractive K-9 Officer Hugh Murdoch.

When an accident leaves Hugh and his K-9 partner, Lexi, on desk duty, both are anxious for Hugh to heal. Until then, the highlight of his day is teasing the beautiful but mysterious new kennel employee. Their simmering attraction fuels a passionate kiss—interrupted by a sniper’s bullet. With targets on both of their backs, Grace and Hugh will do whatever it takes to stay alive…not realizing the most dangerous threat of all is hiding right in front of their noses.
Thoughts on On the Chase: Oh, Hugh. I LIKED HIM. From his joking to his pointed questions to his determination to keep Kaylee/Grace safe no matter the cost. (And from here on out, I'll refer to her as Grace just so I don't confuse myself more than I normally am.) *le sigh*

While Hugh plays the friendly joker, Grace is struggling. As I'm sure we all know, things are never simple when you're running from the mob and have no one but yourself to rely on. Except Grace really does have a few people she can trust. Jules and her brood of siblings know what it's like to be on the run. Cranky Theo (I sill love me a grumpy hero) adores Jules too much to look too deeply into her story of Grace being a friend from out of town. Hugh and the rest of the police department (although Hugh is *probably* the main one here) are there to support Grace when things get hairy.

In other words, as bad as things are, Grace has a support structure when she needs it.

And she does need it.

As tends to happen, things aren't as straightforward as they seem on the surface. Hugh is more involved than he realizes and things are going down that no one could suspect in their sleepy Colorado town.

*thumbs up* all around.

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