Friday, October 27, 2017

One Love by Amanda Shofner [Review]

 One Love by Amanda Shofner
One Love (Brewing in the Cities Shorts) by Amanda Shofner
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: February 28, 2017

Brewing in the Cities Shorts
1. One Night
2. One Year
3. One Lifetime
One Love (Compilation) - Kindle

Amanda Shofner
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Be witness to the evolution of a relationship . . .

One night for it to begin

When Tony Aguilar hires Andrea “Drea” DeMatteo, he’s willing to do just about anything to get a good night’s rest—including paying a woman money to spend the night, no sex involved. And Drea can’t afford to turn down Tony’s offer, no matter how bizarre it seems. But when the two meet, the potential for more takes them both by surprise.

One year for trouble to brew

All is not well in paradise. Time has passed, things have changed. Tony wants them to change even more. But when Tony’s mother drops by for a visit—a surprise to Drea, not Tony—the omission leads Drea on a journey she never thought she’d take. And it’s a journey that teaches Tony just what Drea means to him.

One lifetime for their love

Happily ever after may be in Tony and Drea’s future, as long as their secrets don’t get in the way.
Thoughts on One Love: I was lucky enough to get to read Tony and Drea's story as each installment was released (perks of being a newsletter subscriber, my friends!). Tony's a little messed up and Drea's a little brittle (at first), and their odd, sweet romance works. IT WORKS.

(Not going to lie, Tony and Ian's bromance interactions gave me a giggle, too. THOSE TWO!)

We got the pain of watching someone you love falter, tangled around a potential new relationship. Tony and Drea had a bittersweet beginning and their relationship moved at a pace that worked for them. They both had issues they needed to work on before they could commit to one another fully. They managed it. Eventually.

In other words, it was sweet and heartbreaking and fully enjoyable.

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