Saturday, October 28, 2017

Spotlight On...Possessed by Kelly Apple

This ended up being a bit of a surprise release. Which sounds weird since it's my own book, but I had another book planned for my October release. I JUST COULDN'T RESIST THIS ONE.

What can I say? I write what I like and I like sexy supernatural creatures who do naughty, naughty things unexpectedly.


 Possessed by Kelly Apple
Possessed (When Worlds Collide #1)
When she bought her new house, Char James didn't plan to also take on a ghost. It’s rude, creepy, and a downright terrible roommate. Despite that, she’s determined to show it they can live in harmony. Hopefully.

But Char's entire perspective changes when a surprise encounter rocks her world. She learns that sometimes pranks can be helpful, sometimes a ghost isn’t really a ghost...

And sometimes the scariest creature of all is the most protective.
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