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His Human Bride by Anne Bordeaux [Review]

 His Human Bride by Anne Bordeaux
His Human Bride (First Contact #2) by Anne Bordeaux
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: January 7, 2018

First Contact
1. The Roswell Affair
2. His Human BrideKindle

Anne Bordeaux
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Planet Rune-Yon

She’d taken her pleasure when he was in chains. Now Breccon Tallel will have her on his own planet, and on his own terms.

Rune-Yon is like nothing Katharine Leigh Parker had ever dreamed of. Twin moons in a purple sky illuminate her lover, Breccon Tallel, as he drives her to the brink time and time again.

But Breccon’s people are ailing, and Katharine can help—if she can prove her loyalty. Pledge her body and soul to Breccon and her allegiance to all Rune-Yonians.

Five impossible tasks stand between Katharine and a new forever. Together with her alien mate—touching, kissing, loving—she can do anything. For she is Breccon’s, and Breccon is hers.
Thoughts on His Human Bride: Katharine and Breccon are back. After their explosively sexy encounter in Roswell, they've made it to Breccon's world. All would be well, but a whirlwind romance between two people who barely knew one another leaves room for doubts to creep in.

And since both of them are sort of feeling their way through this whole relationship thing, there *might* be some tension they have to deal with.

A little mayhem, some alone time, and plenty of sexy shenanigans. They might be from different worlds, but they're not willing to give up on one another.

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