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Dragon Bond by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 Dragon Bond by Ruby Lionsdrake
Dragon Bond by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 8, 2017

Ruby Lionsdrake
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
General Zala Shaylinor has led her troops against the dragons since they first invaded her homeland. Respected by her soldiers and wielder of a powerful storm blade, she’s a dedicated warrior who would never seek out love in the middle of a war. All she wants is for her people to be able to walk the world without fear again.

But when a captured prisoner turns out to be a dragon magically chained in human form, she finds herself noticing his striking violet eyes and his powerful presence. Surely, he’s more than the lowly captive he seems.

The dragon, who only offers the name Talon, promises to help the humans strike a blow against his leaders, one that could turn the tide of the war. Zala's troops suspect a trap, and her unusual interest in the prisoner makes them question her leadership for the first time. Talon claims that all he wants is his freedom in return for helping.

Dare she risk losing her troops’ hard-earned respect? Dare she trust a dragon?
Thoughts on Dragon Bond: This book pretty much hit the spot with me. Well-respected general stumbles over a sexy, tortured dragon while freeing slaves. Feeling a pull to him, she negotiates his help in bringing down the very dragon who put him in the slave pens. Naturally, things aren't quite that cut and dried since her soldiers don't trust him and she's caught between wondering if he's there to seduce her into a trap. There's also the lingering question about whether Talon will hold true to his word if she releases him from the magic that keeps him trapped in human form.

A little bit of danger, a little bit of the sexy times, and a heaping spoonful of a world at war. Zala and Talon have a lot to get through before they can even think of trying to make things work. Not that all those obstacles stop them, really. He wants her, she wants him, they act on it. Eventually.

Like I said, the book hit the spot. I'm always down for reading about sexy, shapeshifting dragons.

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